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The Value of Money: What’s a Millionaire?

8 December 2007 Leave a comment

By way of Cafe Hayek, to Division of Labor’s “From ABBA to Led Zeppelin, Led: Using Music to Teach Economics“, here is a Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator. How much money would it have taken in 1961 to be a millionaire in today’s dollars?

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Watch Wonkiness

7 December 2007 Leave a comment

Update:  I have two new additions to my collection, the Texas Instruments MSP430 Chronos and the Citizen BM8475-00E Echo Drive.  I’m getting older, now pushing half a century, and my eyes are steadily getting worse.  I’d been searching for a watch that is easy to read without glasses, yet is smart in appearance.  The Chronos is actually a development platform along the lines of the Arduino in that you can write applications for it, and it attaches to a PC wirelessly.  It includes an altimeter, thermometer, heart rate indicator, accelerometer, and a few other things I can’t think of off the top of my head.  It’s an okay watch for daily use, though spectacular if you include the geek factor.  My problem with it for daily use was that I tended to depress the display button when pushing back my sleeve to check the time/date.  That got old pretty fast, so I bought the Citizen.  Oddly enough, I can’t find it on Citizen’s website, so I used an Amazon link.  It’s great.  Though still a bit fuzzy, I can read it without donning my reading glasses.



I have something of a time fetish…

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