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Interesting Map: Countries whose GDP Matches Individual US States’

13 December 2007 Leave a comment

Econ professor Mark Perry, University of Michigan, has on his site this map of the United States. Instead of state names, the name of a nation whose gross domestic product (GDP) is equal to that state’s.

US State GDP in World-Wide Terms

I came to this by way of the sidebar in Coyote Blog, to Houston’s Clear Thinker’s post.


The Value of Money: What’s a Millionaire?

8 December 2007 Leave a comment

By way of Cafe Hayek, to Division of Labor’s “From ABBA to Led Zeppelin, Led: Using Music to Teach Economics“, here is a Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator. How much money would it have taken in 1961 to be a millionaire in today’s dollars?

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