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Land of the Orangemen

I’m in Syracuse to do an E911 WLG swap out – Netra 240s replacing Netra 20s – for AT&T. Got here late (for me) last night, around 10pm. I was routed through Detroit. How do I hate Detroit’s airport? Let me count the ways! There are many, but first and foremost is that of all the connecting flights, not once have I ever gotten where I was going on time. In fact, I’ve missed my connection twice. It’s loud. It’s dirty. It’s convoluted. I hate it.

It’s bitterly cold here, but the people have so far been quite nice. When I pulled into the hotel parking lot a 4×4 was behind me, a guy making a food delivery in a University of North Carolina hat. I walked in behind him and was still waiting at the empty check-in counter when he was on his way back out. “Still no one here?” “Not yet.” “You can dial 600 on the courtesy phone. They carry a cordless.” “Ahhh. Cool. Thanks! I’ll give ’em a few more minutes, then call.” I almost commented on his hat – being that I’m from Lexington, KY and a UK Wildcats fan – but didn’t. The gal showed up a couple of minutes later. She was friendly and said that even though they didn’t have the smoking room I’d reserved, she’d give me an ashtray and I could smoke anyway. She also was the first to mention my $20-off discount code for making the reservation on-line. While I’d rather stay in a Holiday Inn Express or a Candlewood Suites, but they’re typically too expensive, I keep booking Extended Stay Suites. No mention of the discount in Miami or Raleigh or Baton Rouge nor was it forthcoming. Not a big deal. Had I remembered to mention it at check out, I’m sure it’d have been applied, but I’m usually anxious to get to the airport and back home.

Another thing I noticed was that Syracusians (?) don’t have much of an accent and certainly not a stereotypical NYC accent. I suppose if I had to categorize the modest accent, it’s more Canuck than anything. Sort of like a very mild, just barely noticeable Minnesota accent.

Hopefully everything goes well tonight and I’m nearly home this time tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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