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Back on the Road Again

I’m back on the road again doing TruePosition Enhanced 911 stuffs. Since early ’04 I’ve been a field test engineer setting up 911 network overlays for Cingular and T-Mobile in South Florida (Miami), Orlando-Tampa, Minnesota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Oregon, and Washington.

The time has come for End Of Life hardware upgrades, so I’ve been back to Miami to replace the gateway servers from Netra 20s to Netra 240s, and SMLC-Vs to SMLC-Ls (GSM E911-specific hardware). I just now finished replacing the Netra boxes in Raleigh.  Rumor has it I’ll be headed up I95 doing upgrades in northern Virginia, Baltimore, Wilmington, Philly, Jersey, Boston, etc., plus some overseas work.  Gotta get my passport ready!  Schedules are rarely adhered to for various reasons, so only time will tell.

I really miss not being able to play around with my Arduinos and completing new projects — I recently bought the PCBs to make four Boarduinos, but haven’t had time to get more than one assembled. I’m considering designing a protoshield (or an entirely separate board) which will allow me to burn bootloaders and do general programming on a number of different microprocessors such as the ATmega series, ATtiny series, AT89 series, and a few others.

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